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While ideas can be inspiring and uplifting, life is played out in the personal and in the particular.

As a leadership program, The Avenue seeks to engage each student where she is in life; for this reason, mentoring is the most important aspect of the program.  With her mentor, each student applies what she learned during the monthly sessions to her own circumstances, formulating goals and navigating the challenges she encounters.


The mentors are professional women and graduate students who lead each Unit or serve on The Avenue’s Executive Committee.  They are committed to meet with their mentees at least once a month, and gladly make themselves available outside program hours. 

Please be in contact with your mentor for details.


My mentor has helped me get through ups and downs in several friendships throughout this school year and I'm so grateful for that! 

2020 participant


Have you heard about the PIPs?

The Positive Impact Projects (PIP) are the way The Avenue students translate their learning experience into initiatives and actions that they can carry out within their family and communities. Each student’s mentor helps her identify one to two projects for the year as well as the steps needed to accomplish them.

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