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10 Tips to Succeed in High School

Past Sessions


Module I started the year discussing the Top 10 Tips to Succeed in high school, followed by an exercise in writing a mission statement. Later, they participated in a round of “speed goal-setting” where the girls broke out into pairs and helped each other concretize their goals.  


We discussed our expectations for the Avenue year and went through the contents in the Avenue binder. Then, we delved into this month's topic: what is character and how to build it, headed by Unit I Leaders, Izzy Legaspi and Marita Montes. During the breakout session, we filled out a "Who-am-I" questionnaire to get to know our own characters.


During the 2017 session, the Unit I Participants learned about Reading and Study Skills with a fun game of book bingo.  The speaker was Natalie Saenz, graduate from Princeton University and PhD candidate in Chemistry at Columbia University.  For the breakout session they headed to the New York Public Library Main Branch to experience both the architecture and the Library's quiet studying atmosphere.

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