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  • What is the aim of The Avenue?
    The Avenue equips young women with the confidence and skills they need to give direction to their lives, to discover a sense of purpose, to aspire to reach their personal best, and to make positive contributions throughout life.
  • Why the name “The Avenue”?
    Young women are confronted with many avenues they can take through life. The Avenue Leadership Program provides them the tools and skills they need in order to navigate through life’s many avenues.
  • How is the program structured?
    The Avenue is a leadership program for girls in grades 8-12. It comprises four integrated groups or "modules" that build on one another and are tailored to the participant’s age. The Avenue meets on the third Saturday of each month, September through May, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Each session includes a presentation, practical exercises, and a snack/social period.
  • What is the role of mentoring?
    Mentors guide participants in applying the principles they learn in the program to their personal circumstances through practical goals. Each student meets regularly with her mentor. Students can also contact mentors outside the program sessions if needed.
  • Can I sign up for The Avenue even though I cannot attend every session?
    Yes; however, because the program is designed with sessions which build one upon the other, it is for the benefit of the participant to attend every session.
  • Can I join The Avenue in junior year if I did not attend Modules I or II?
    Yes, participants can join the program in Module II, III and IV, even if they did not attend the previous years. Their mentors can help these students fill any gaps and bring them up to speed.
  • Where is the program held?
    Modules I and III meet at Highland Study Center (31 E 38th Street, between Park and Madison Avenue). Modules II and IV meet in Murray Hill Place, just a few blocks away (243 Lexington Avenue, corner of 34 Street).
  • Can I join The Avenue in the middle of the school year?
    Yes, participants can register in the middle of the school year, but to fully benefit from the program, we highly recommend joining in September.
  • Can I invite my friends to The Avenue?
    Yes! We encourage you to talk with your friends about The Avenue and to share what you are learning. You can ask your mentor to speak with your friends and their parents if they are interested in joining the program.
  • How does The Avenue partner with parents?
    Since parents are the primary educators of their children, The Avenue seeks to complement what participants receive at home. Module leaders and mentors actively seek the collaboration and feedback of parents. The Avenue also sponsors seminars for parents on a variety of topics: parenting, preparing children for college, home management, etc. These are held at Murray Hill Place during program hours.
  • Does Highland Study Center sponsor any other activities?
    Highland Study Center sponsors a variety of activities aimed at character and leadership development. The activities are open to women of all races, creeds, and ethnic origins. The spiritual aspects of its programs are entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church (
  • How can I learn more about The Avenue?
    For additional information about The Avenue, contact us at or call 212-369-2726.

Frequently Asked Questions

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