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Art of Living 2014


This year Unit IV attended the 7th annual seminar “The Art of Living” that was held at Arnold Hall. Fifty girls from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago took part.


Two popular activities in the seminar are the “mystery basket” and the “project gallery.” The “mystery basket” is a culinary competition in which each team receives a basket of unknown ingredients. The team has two hours to prepare a meal for four people presented in an attractive way. A panel of culinary art experts examines the menu chosen, as well as the preparation techniques and the attractiveness of the final presentation.


This year, first prize went to the team from Puerto Rico. The team from Arnold Hall took second place. In the “project gallery,” the most highly praised presentation was that of the team from Arnold Hall on Homemade bags. The silver medal went to the team presenting on Afternoon Tea. Our New York team won the bronze medal on Beneath the Folds for napkin care and folds. Other projects included the science of baking cookies and Italian cuisine.

Congratulations to the NY team that won bronze for their presentation Beneath the Folds!

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