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Behind the Scenes in Film, Music and Entertainment

Past Sessions


Module III took a look Behind the Scenes in Film, Music, and Entertainment. Caroline Cassidy, a New York-based actress and graduate of NYU's Tisch School for the Arts, and Caitlin Ronan, a location scout shared what it is like to be on a film set and explained their paths to their respective roles in this competitive industry. Participants then discussed a clip from the film Life Is Beautiful before listening to the Summer Activities presentation. Anyone who enjoyed this month's session should check out Lights, Camera, Action for the summer. 



Montse Guerrero, a professional dancer with the American Repertory Ballet, spoke to the girls about the joy and challenges of a career in the arts.  The participants of Unit III were inspired by her perseverance.  One of her strategies is to look back at each day and find at least one thing that she learned or improved in.  In the breakout session she demonstrated the 5 basic positions of Ballet, and shared how a greater appreciation of the arts can enrich our lives.

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