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The College Application Process

Past Sessions


Module III had the opportunity to host Dr. Erin Croddick Avery, founder of Avery Educational Resources, LLC. Avery Education Resources is an independent educational consulting practice that specializes in counseling students and their families through the traditional college, boarding school, or graduate school search and application process as well as career counseling. She shared her expertise as a Certified Educational Planner and explained that the college application process is a transformative journey despite the unknown twists and turns. The participants learned that even though the process will be tedious and challenging, they will learn and grow from the choices they make are lessons to learn from.



College Prep welcomed Anna Makowski, a sophomore at Barnard, Maria Hellenbrand, a freshman at Barnard, and Charlotte Sather, a sophomore at St. John's to share their experiences on the topic of "The College Application Process". Our panelists addressed questions written by module participants, emphasizing the importance of being organized throughout this process and staying balanced. During the breakout session participants worked in small groups to reflect in their journals about fears and anticipated challenges and each one identified three concrete steps to move ahead in their college application process.



Caroline Ortiz, a freshman at Princeton University, spoke to the participants of Unit III about the college application and selection process.  She gave them tips to write their best application essays, for example, that they "show," and not simply "tell" about their good qualities.  She also encouraged them to think about their favorite subjects and look at course offerings in those subjects in order to see if they will actually enjoy learning at a given school.  Finally, the Unit III participants appreciated advice that she gave that can be applied as much to life in general as to writing college essays: "Don't harbor an insecurity about something you're not good at--focus on the positive"

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