Resources for living through COVID-19

Here are a few ideas for ways you can thrive during a time of social distancing! 



This is a great time to re-read your favorite novel or start a new book! Check out our recommended reading lists 


Hear stories directly from young people, find out what they're experiencing during this exceptional time, and how they’re managing to turn it all around.

Listen HERE.


Draw inspiration from these websites to keep growing and maintain hope. 


Opus Dei website includes ways to take advantage to "grow in the inside" during quarantine time. 


An initiative from a group of Chicago High School girls: Quaranteens! 

Mindfulness, Reflection and Prayer

This could be the time to develop a mindfulness habit, like the habit of prayer. You can start with 10 minutes a day, by following this channel called "10 minutes with Jesus"

Stay connected to others!

FACETIME with your best friend

WRITE A LETTER to people you love and care about

CALL older relatives, grandparents or aunts/uncles


GROUP CHAT with your classmates

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