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Past Sessions


Module I welcomed Allannah Karas, Assistant Professor of World Languages and Cultures at Valparaiso University, IN, who spoke about study skills. Her talk went much deeper than practical skills such as time management—she spoke about the importance of acquiring an attitude of wonder, and appreciating the beautiful things around us. When we learn to do this, even in the apparent monotony of quarantine, we can cultivate a sense of curiosity for our studies and a desire to continue to learn more. In a mindfulness exercise, the participants then journaled about ways they can improve and make the most of “quarantine time.”


Our speaker was Maria Jose Valero, Social Media Reporter with Bloomberg's @tictoc.  She spoke to us about the importance of following the news and how to do so with a discerning and critical eye.  During the session, she walked us through and taught us how to read articles, analyze the sources, and uncover bias to look for a well-rounded perspective on today's events.

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