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Friendship and Identity

Past Sessions


The topic of Module II this month was Friendship and Identity. Our speaker was Cathy Cano, a senior Sociology major at NYU. She spoke about our social nature as humans and our need for friendship. One idea she emphasized was the importance of cultivating friendships with people who work and think differently from us. For the breakout session, the girls took a personality quiz and broke up into groups based on the results from the quiz. They were asked to plan a hypothetical birthday party for a specific singer. Each group approached the task in a unique way—one group was very methodical, another group was detailed-oriented, and another was so artistic and creative that they forgot the actual task at hand! The breakout session showed the girls how to be aware of different styles and approaches to different situations. They learned how to both draw on the strengths and compensate for weaknesses of their friends. 



Unit II was lucky to host Diana Baker to speak about Friendship and Identity.  Diana works for Nielsen company in their corporate finance programs and has lived in Chicago, Connecticut, Singapore and most recently in NYC.  She shared what she has learned about making new friends and maintaining old relationships.  The breakout session included a letter-writing exercise.

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