March Session

We are so happy that you could join our first-ever online Avenue session. We had 50+ people join, including some  participants from our sister program in Boston Beacon Leadership and Yuma Prep in Washington DC. We had people from as far as Seattle join the session.


Thanks to each one of you who made this possible; we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did! For those who were unable to connect, click the button below to watch a recording of the session.

Summary of the session

Our guest speaker was Clare Halpine, artist, writer and filmmaker. Clare brought us through her odyssey as a film artist. Her decision to become one was made over the course of time and once in graduate school there were many who challenged her and what she was trying to say through her art. She showed us a couple of short films from her early work that were harshly condemned or completely misunderstood. Her authenticity led her not to deny her identity as a white woman and one who took her values and her faith seriously, but rather to find better ways of communicating through her art with her peers and professors. She found her style and voice in the end in a film style that was honest and straightforward but gently humorous about the confused and confusing values of the art and academic world of her graduate school as well as humorous about finding herself in this world trying to share her own values and identity. She found that this form of self-deprecating humor and honesty was the best way to seek common ground with the student-artists and professors she was working with. The final clip she showed us was accepted by the audience and drew them closer to her because it touched their hearts and their funny bone.
When asked what helped her be so open about values that were being condemned, she answered that it was her use of humor. She replied to another question regarding how her art and her faith benefitted from the adversity she faced that it was true that the difficulties she had to overcome shaped her art into its more mature form and helped her deepen her own values.

You can see more of Clare's art HERE.

April Session

We will continue offering a monthly session through April and May.

We will be in touch with more details soon!

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