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Past Sessions


Module IV finished off our exciting year with the topic of Marriage. Cristina Napolitano, an Avenue mother and President of Family Enrichment New York, spoke about the reasons for marriage and some ways to prepare for it, in the near and long-term. Marriage is a covenant, and should be viewed, honored, and prepared for as such. We also quickly brought together everything we’ve covered this year—from understanding the human person as an integrated body and soul, to defining true freedom, to social responsibility, to historically understanding the reliability of Scripture—to empower our  participants to use what they’ve learned as tools for better understanding their own ideas and values, which will support them in college when meeting people who don’t share their similar ideas or values. We are giving a final push with our Personal Impact Project, raising funds for the families of Brilla Schools who have been most affected by the current economic situation.


Module 4 had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Cristina Napolitano, an Avenue mother and a representative of IFFD - the International Federation of Family Development, a non-governmental organization at the United Nations (U.N.). She first gave us an overview of her work with IFFD and the UN and then she spoke about marriage, family and dating. 

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