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Resilience and Problem Solving

Past Sessions


Module III hosted Liza Streiff, CEO of Knopman Marks, a holistic and high-touch approach financial training program for adults continuing their education in the finance industry. She empowered us with tools for success by explaining that success begins from within, something particularly relevant in current circumstances. There are three ways of thinking that help us find success: 1. get free, 2. get focused, and 3. get fueled. After elaborating on each of these mindsets, she explained that we can still find freedom in times when we might seem powerless—an important key to achieving success, staying motivated, and remaining positive.


Yu-Chi Kuo spoke to Unit III about her experiences in U Penn, Princeton and Harvard on her journey to finding a career that defends human rights.  The girls summarized her presentation in three key ideas: the importance of taking care of mind and body, being authentic and finding a good female mentor and community that supports your values.

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